Rigas 22. vidusskola



    Riga 22 Secondary School is situated in Riga, the capital of Latvia. Our school has got a long history (it was founded in 1945). Nowadays there are more than 600 students and more than 50 teachers at this school. 
We have some immigrants at our school. They are integrated in ordinary classes, some with extra resources.
It is a school with general education for students from 7 to 19 years old: primary school, low- secondary school and secondary school.  The school works on the licensed programs for all educational stages.
There is the pre-school educational programme (5-6 age). This programme aims at the development of pre-school children and prepare them for school.
    General education program is offered to students in secondary (high) school.  It is based on the equitable distribution of natural-scientific and humanitarian cycles. 
Our school develops the skills of the students, prepares them for university and  makes them ready to get fit with the world of work.
    Our school  is the school where understand how important is to balance the study and the individuality of the child.
An intense cooperative work among school and a lot of studios (Vocal studio, Dance studio, Ceramic studio, Guitar studio, Debate studio, Theatre studio) has enabled our school to support different project areas, for example:
Art projects .
    There is Ceramic studio in our school. Students learn about the history and culture of Latvia (Ceramic is the important thing in Latvia history) and make beautiful things.
Many students take part in Art studio.  During the year they create paintings and drawings and take part in different exhibition.
During Craft lessons our students make beautiful handmade things (cooking, knitting, reusing and recycling things and etc.)
Music projects
    Our school has a long musical tradition. The school organizes choral and instrumental groups for students. During Christmas time, at the end of the school year we arrange some concerts that attract a wider audience than just the staff and pupils.
Social project
    Every year there are Creative Gatherings in our school. It is very important event for our students. This event develops many skills: team work, art, music, theatre, social skills.
Many students (11-19) take part in Debate studio. They participate in international competitions and win prizes. They can debate in Latvian, Russian and English.
Skills and/or expertise of key persons involved
All our teachers, who will be involved in this project, are great specialists (all of them have good education and they have a great experience).


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