"St. knyaz Boris Ist" Secondary school


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    Our town of Burgas is the biggest and the most important economic, administrative and cultural centre in the Southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Primary school “St. Knyaz Boris I” is one of the first schools in the town of Burgas with 109-year history and boasts its rich traditions. It is a recipient of the Order of St. St. Cyril and Methodius, 1st class. The school is located in the central part of the town and is renovated every year. The teaching process is organized in two shifts: from the 1st to the 4th grade and from the 5th to the 7th grade. Primary school “St. Knyaz Boris I” has at disposal 22 well-equipped specialized laboratories and prep rooms, auditorium, office of guidance counselor, medical centre, library, 2 workshops, two computer labs and wireless connection throughout the school building. The school has a new modern gym and a school buffet. 670 students are being trained here during the 2014-2015 school year. We have 1 student with special educational needs and resource support as well as pupils from different ethnic and social backgrounds. The school employs highly qualified teaching professionals who work in a team, love their pupils and conduct effective training. Every year students from our school win awards in competitions in Bulgarian language, mathematics, arts and sports. Constant concern of the school management is to improve the training and working conditions. The School Board of Trustees, which is an independent voluntary association of parents, support school`s development and provision, take care of the building maintenance, participate in exams, school celebrations and initiatives. In the partnership project “Let`s protect children from the war on the road” are involved the school team and as well as several municipal organizations – the National Emergency System 112 at the Ministry of Interior, the Bulgarian Red Cross – Burgas, and the Association ”SOS Road Accidents” The project is aimed at teenagers with the purpose of prevention and enhancing their  knowledge of the dangers on the road. The project activities helped the school to acquire playground markings and road signs for practical training. Another partner of the school is the non- profit Association”SMILE’’ which achieves its objectives through voluntary activities and various social services for children and youths. Our students are active participants in the Association`s initiatives. We also work in partnership with the Regional Service of Fire Safety and Protection of Population – Burgas. For several years our student have received training in the „Young Firefighter” club and every year take part in the competition between the youth fire precaution teams.

    The main challenge set to the teaching staff of Primary school “St. Knyaz Boris I” is to give our students the opportunity to acquire key competences in different fields of study and practice. Our science teachers motivate the students to take part in Ornithology Olympiads held by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds in partnership with the Regional Inspectorate of Education – Burgas. The Green Coast Foundation organizes a BIO-school for the students in a mountain hostel, where they are taught orienteering and learn about rocks and minerals. Through having practical lessons along the eco-paths Strandzha Nature Park, our students gain experience in environmental conservation and touch the beauty of Bulgarian nature. With the assistance of our biology teachers and together with the Bulgarian Red Cross – Burgas, teams of students participate in the “Health at School”  educational project and gain skills in providing first aid in emergency situations.
JSC ECOPACK–Bulgaria, (ECOPACK is a member of the European organization for recovery of packaging waste PRO EUROPE and has the right to use and provide its members with "Der Grüne Punkt" ("The Green Dot") symbol.), has provided our school with free containers for waste sorting and for battery waste. In this way our students are getting accustomed to separate waste collection and recycling. We participate in the project “Flying green classroom”, which is organized by ECOPACK- Bulgaria. 3D Eco Bus teaches the kids from primary classes of environmental responsibility. By enthralling way they learn about separate collection of packaging waste and recycling process. 
    Under the supervision of some elementary teachers the pupils are trained by means of ENVISION - an innovative teaching platform, which offers a revolutionary way of learning with instant feedback to students and teachers and employs only a computer, a projector screen and a computer mouse for every student in the classroom. By using a programmable robot-toy called Bee-Bot pupils are taught the path of paper recycling, separate waste collection and nature protection. Some students are also a part of the e-Twinning project “Wear the peace – make a T-shirt”, one of the aims of which is to give new life to cardboard boxes through turning them into works of art.
    For four years our school has been working on the project BG051PO00-4.2.05 "Let's make school attractive to young people”, which is carried out by the Ministry of Education and Science and co-financed by the European Social Fund. Workshop teams arrange exhibitions of quilling creations, applied arts, stained glass and other staff. On the occasion of public holidays and festivals our students organize exhibitions, where recycled art is displayed. Students also take part in charity events and campaigns, and make souvenirs and gifts from recycled materials in aid of disadvantaged children. Two teams of elementary grade pupils are participating in the online project Together in Expo 2015 on subject Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. By fulfilling the project missions the kids are becoming aware of the importance of preserving and restoring the natural recourses and healthy eating as well. They plant plants and take care of them and learn how to make use of food without throwing it away. They are a part of the campaign Bottle Caps in Action and collect plastic bottle caps for recycling to give support to disadvantaged children. In support of students` physical education and their ecological upbringing the teachers at school annually conduct Green Schools and Ski School in the nature. The teams take part in eco-excursions, get acquainted with the beauty of Bulgarian nature, flora and fauna and learn how to protect the environment and how to gain in health through sports and games.
      A colleague of ours has participated in a Comenius project as a school coordinator, while she was working in another school. Her experience will definitely be beneficial for our future team work on this project.
      The experience gained in the classroom and during the activities of interest is expected to be shared with partner-teachers and students so that the knowledge of our culture and traditions will become widespread.

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