Atca Anadolu Lisesi



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 Atca anatolian High school is situated in a town in Sultanhisar which is placed in the west of Turkey. The town where the school is placed called "Atca". This town is nearly 5 miles away fron Sultanhisar. It is surrounded with both mountains and plains however it is made up of widely collective neighborhoods. People in this town are mostly busy with agriculture. This town is famous for strawberries, figs, olives and oranges. In this town there are also three geothermal energy centrals. Some people in this town work in these centrals, too.
 Our first school was built in 1956. However, our school was rebuilt in 1976. In the school building there are offices of manager and the assistant manager. In our school there are approximately 250 pupils and 21 teachers. There are 12 classes, a library, two laboratories, a dining hall and a new conference hall which was restored last year. The classes are equipped with smart boards and there is internet connection in every class. Everything has been taken into consideration for the comfort and progress of our students.
2 years ago our school was converted from high school to the form of anatolion high school. Thanks to that the number of languge classes were increased. And the students also have a second foreign language class, too (German). We join many sports tournaments and we get success in most of them.
    As school we are interested in this project because the enviromental conditions of our school is really very suitable for this project. Our school  is situated in a 12.000 m2 and most of this area is used as school garden. It means that we have enough place to carry out the possible activities of the project. Our pupils are really interested in using the foreign language "English" in their daily lives but they don't have any chance to go abroad for this because of their families and limited budgets. This project will help them use English in their daily lives and our pupils will learn about different countries and their cultures. For these reasons we -both the teachers and pupils - are very eager to take part in this project.



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