Research of the natural water

Poland - Water research


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Greece: "Researching water" - 1

     During the activity "Researching water", pupils from our school, under the guidance of Ms. Elena Ilia, teacher in charge of the project, as well as Mr. Ioannis Karagiannakidis, collected water samples from Strimonas river, Kerkini lake and Strymonian Gulf and visited the Environmental Education Center of K. Poroia, where they conducted part of the chemical analysis, observation and identification of microorganisms. The rest of the chemical analysis was completed in our school's laboratory. Our "young biochemists" were very impressed and excited by the research.


Greece: "Researching water"- 2 - in our school's laboratory.


Greek students have finished the water research project! 

This is the slideshow they have created.

Greece - the results of the nature water research

                                               TURKEY: Natural water research


Latvia - Natural water research

Practical lesson "Properties of the water"

Finland - water research

Finland - water research

BULGARIA - water research

The Black Sea near City of Burgas

Yantra river near Dryanovo town

pH 8


SPAIN - water research

Bulgarian girls Ilina and Kaliya are ready to Espoo meeting. They prepared a lapbook "BURGAS LAKE "VAYA"" 

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