Local natural concern 2


From 8.07 to 13.07.2018. group of students from "St. knyaz Boris I" city of Burgas with leaders Leontina Damianova, Irina Stoycheva and Valentina Kostova were at a camp in Pamporovo. Within the framework of the Erasmus + project, the students visited the Pamporovo wastewater treatment plant in the municipality of Smolyan, where they were told and shown how the water purification in the region is being done. The students, led by the friendly host, followed the purification stages, starting with collecting water in a collector, metal grids for large-scale removal, a sand settling channel, a fat removal basin, a bio-pool with microorganisms, a secondary settler, and only then go to the pool with clean water.

     Thus the students combined the vacation with the opportunity to see and learn something new and useful. Unforgettable will be the daily hikes on the mountain, the visit of the Planetarium in Smolyan, the Rozhen Observatory, the Snow White Tower, etc. The children returned rested and emotionally charged.


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