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TURKISH TEAM: "Our governor's fair, also European Union ambassador is invited. Every school who is finishing their project is presenting their project as dissemination. The Ambassador and his wife loved the project's subject. They said we should keep in touch about this and it's very important. We told about our and they will note and sign it!"

Turkey: Erasmus+ expose

Latvia, Riga, Rigass 22. vidusskola

14.06.2018 at 9:20 Radio Baltkom

 Representatives of the school tell 

about the Erasmus+ project in school and the club of debate.

Greece, Serres, Eco festival (22-24 May 2018)


Our school in National Broadcasting Radio station ERA with the Erasmus + program

                 Extracts from the radio broadcast of Era Serres, " NI and SIGMA" on March 30, 2018.

A unique visit was experienced by our students who visited ERT Serres on Friday 30 March 2018, accompanied by their teachers, Ilia Elena and Andronidis Theologos. They were guided around  the premises , they were shown the way  the local public radio station functions and informed about its rare and rich archive. They participated in the radio show " NI and SIGMA" and talked live about  the Erasmus + program: "Help the Earth: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" that has been taking place for three years in our school. They referred to the benefits of the program itself in terms of waste reduction, recycling and re-using, as well as their experiences, traveling to six different European countries (Spain, Finland, Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Latvia).


Zespol Szkol Nr 34, Torun

Selective waste collection in the school: 


GREECE -  21.01.2018

“The European Programme Erasmus+ dissemination of results and examples of good practice in the Prefecture of Serres"

 Poland - Erasmus+ board


The official Presentation of the transnational meeting in Las Palmas 9/11/15- 11/11/15

 to the whole school and staft.


The official Presentation of the transnational meeting in Las Palmas 9/11/15- 11/11/15 to the whole school and staft.


Newspaper articles concerning the Erasmus+ project in Greek public media


Turkeythe entrance wall of the school

BULGARIA: the Erasmus+ board situated in the entrance of the school

Turkey: project noticeboard

Turkey -  presentation of Las Palmas meeting at school

Turkey -

Atca Anadolu Lisesi

 Erasmus+ project in local newspaper 

Turkey - student interviews for Fınland meeting 



An article about the project in Bulgarian public media - 

Burgas Municipality official website


The article and Facebook dissemination 


The official Presentation of the First project meeting in Espoo, Finland

 08.02.16-12.02.16 to the teacher staft.


The official Presentation of the transnational meeting in Las Palmas

 9.11.15-11.11.15 to the teacher staft.

Bulgaria Analytics

about the wiews of the presentation


Slovenia -

 Erasmus+ project in local newspaper Občan

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